Jazz Panther pics by Christian Willis
Epoch & Jazz Panther (2005)

It's amazing to think that it's been so long since I've attempted to draw Jazz. And it's even more amazing to think that I've NEVER drawn Epoch before (sorry bro', truly!) So here they are, in their full glory at long last.

I must admit I am very happy how this turned out. For those interested, I scanned my sketch into the computer, did the line art in Illustrator, and colored it in Photoshop.

Jazz Panther #4 (2001)

I had completely forgotten about this one! This recently unearthed drawing of Jazz was stuffed away in an old folder. I had created this drawing during college and used it to experiment with gradient meshes in Adobe Illustrator. The file was lost years ago, but miracle of miracles, I had printed out a copy on glossy photo paper to test out my new inkjet printer at the time.

Jazz & Klar Matrix (1999)

This is pretty much the only picture I'd drawn up until this point that I wouldn't consider outright embarrassing. It took me quite awhile to draw this in all pencil. It is, of course, based off the publicity shot of Neo and Trinity from the Matrix, with Jazz and Klar instead. The character of Klarisa Lynx is copyright Sarah Jaffe.

Jazz Panther #3 (1998)

Oh boy, when I came out with this one I thought I was so good! Hah. Okay, so it was slightly better than the first two, I'll give it that much. By now I had realized that Photoshop was my friend! But I was still very much a newbie at it as you can see. Pretty cheesy. This version went through a couple of minor revisions; this is the original.

Jazz Panther #2 (1998)

Okay, this one was hand-drawn. It wasn't QUITE as bad as Jazz Panther #1, but was still pretty bad. In this pic Jazz holds his (then) 4 Gauge shotgun, and his torn ear has inexplicably switched sides. And his whiskers are so big they could aid him in a tightrope walk across Niagara Falls.

Jazz Panther #1 (1997)

An outright pathetic attempt at my first picture of Jazz. It's so sad I won't even waste any more time putting it down. All I'll say is that I was 16 at the time and I drew it in Adobe Illustrator. Later, I went back and started trying to make it more "3D" by adding gradients to it, which is why only half of him is shaded. (This was in the days before gradient meshes.)

Epoch Panther pics by Various Artists
By: Matt Page (a.k.a. Fallout)

Year: 2002

By: Maegan McLean (a.k.a. AmyRose12)

Year: 2000

Cloud would be proud.

By: Maegan McLean (a.k.a. AmyRose12)

Year: 1999

Epoch's.... um... sprouted wings!?

Miscellaneous Pics
Panthers in Black v.3.0 (1999)

Yay! Modeled after the true Men in Black logo. Alas, I don't have the original file for this anymore, just a scanned printout.

Panthers in Black v.2.0 (1998)


Panthers in Black v.1.0 (1997)

A Typographical Travesty.


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